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20 July, 2008

Give it up for writer’s block! It’s held me in its icy claws for the past…. gosh, i don’t think I’ve actually written anything really good since “In A Station Of The Metro” (see below). Almost as if my brain decided that I’d written one thing really good and that it didn’t really need to function anymore (I’m still quite proud of it in some ways). What’s been happening in the mean time? I tried to start ‘Rag Poets’ again (there’s only a few who know the story there… It’s the other half of where Read Write Prompt 3 led me. Somewhat deeper than the last. About sex and art and beauty and the way they’ve been horrendously taken out of order these days). Anyway, I decided that I really really really wanted to use the gifts God has given me to honour him; and hence, partially inspired by telmcg‘s prompting to keep writing (he left a comment on my blog asking where I’d been, thanks telly!) I started work on ‘Rag Poets’ again. I kinda just never knew how to start it, I guess. Anyway (again), late one Friday Night I wrote this poem for/about God and for/about a friend. For my friend, it’s probably closer to ‘about’, seeing as she doesn’t know about it as I write this. ‘For’ in the sense that I’m sure she will eventually, and probably needs to hear that she’s amazing. I’ve been humbled a bit by the fact that my poetry has lost it’s characteristic rhyme and structure (way to knock me off my high horse) but here it is, in all its modesty: default.

you twain, who spend your days
teasing me out:

Brown Eyes, your subtlety has left to reside
in your window-sparks and your smile.

I guess Elune was praised as a beacon of the Sun
and best in her fullest graces;
and loved o’er all that kingdom
for boldy verging borders.

(And God, you leave me staggered;
please leave me amazed too.)

Peace, love to all.