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Today (31st Oct 2008) [Part A]

2 November, 2008

I was at Blackstump earlier this year (it’s a 4-day Christian Arts and Music festival). There was a poet there by the name of Cameron Semmens, he specialises in performance poetry, and, whilst he can sound kinda corny on a CD (sorry Cam!) he’s amazing live. Anyway, his approach to poetry reminded me of Shakespeare’s approach to plays (as described by Ms. Elliot in 2007, thanks Miss!) – Shakespeare used every available technique to make his work relevant to the common person. And so, whilst I cringe at this piece on paper (it sounds heaps cooler when you have it read to you with enthusiam; it’s performance poetry) it’s a helluva lot of fun (and somewhat unfinished). Here it is: ‘Today’.


I’m finding
  –  sand in nooks I knew not I had,
  –  fresh pimples, pores blocked by a wanton lust for sunscreen.
I feel like my skin is shining!


And somewhere, not so far away, you’re finding
  –  that your belly button goes much deeper when you’re extracting sand from it.
And at the thought, my soul is shining too.