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kubuntu 8.10 is overrated.

2 November, 2008

My parents asked me how I was when I got up this morning (I live at home for another two weeks). I told them “I’m great at the moment, but will probably gradually recede into a really bad mood.”

Anyway, it happened within about an hour. Which was kinda funny. It fluctuated a bit like that all day, and on the way home from church this evening, I realised that I had absolutely nothing to be upset about.

Makes you feel like an idiot. Anyway, this came out of it. Another unpolished piece, but I was really sick of having a blog with nothing to put on it. And, y’know 🙂

On those days when
the still morning air was
too much to bear,
I’d roll the window down
and drive just a bit faster,
and draw a feeble, vulgar
substitute of my own.