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6 January, 2008

I came here with
Hopes of knowing Eve
And as we lay
And watched the clouds
And breathed the stars
I found my lover one
Obsessed with shape and possibility.


In A Station Of The Metro

27 December, 2007

This piece was written for Read Write Poem‘s Prompt #6: ‘Get Your Collaboration On’. I was supposed to be collaborating with ‘why paisley?’ ( She provided a picture for us both to work from. The plan was to later combine the two smaller works into a larger one. I wrote this epic without quite realising that it would make collaboration very difficult, especially in consideration of my partner’s style. Here is my contribution. The collaborated work will appear later. For those who care, it was inspired by Ezra Pound’s poem of the same name, alongside Something For Kate’s album ‘Echolalia’ and The Mars Volta’s album ‘Amputechture’. The picture we used to kick-start our work was pstoev’s ‘On The Road’, from deviantart. The link is

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough.

– Ezra Pound

Pstoev’s ‘On The Road’ (deviantART)

The stifling heat of the city filled its quiescent nights,
But once, she came near
And swelled inside me
Song – and seemed to calm the air
For envy of my soul.

She spoke lines, and ministry,
And every arpeggio another stroke,
I set to work a celebration
for all who spake mine tongue.

The city walls seemed much less tall,
And caste-lines seemed to all but fall,
In dreams. And as we talked I found
A truth in breath, and lips, and sound
But as the traffic pressed around
I knew it could not be.
Left, she now.

Still to my geometric mind
Her truths are subdivided lines
And reds and greens and blues

Apollo did now rear his head
And granted leave my dreams. Relieved,
I took the time to breathe again
And drunk I deep the atmosphere
And heard once more that song which lay
In visions grand but far away
And could not stand the pain!

I’ll paint a glossolalia
And in its pretty voids you’ll stand
Unheard and undisturbed.

My breath and mind in stasis lay
Til nightfall came around.
And as I craved her presence she
Was nowhere to be found.
And in this world of walls and lines
Where loves and truths kiss dead goodbyes
I knew no voice would leave me be.

I’ll watch and wait for night’s reprieve
And in the silence,
Remember you on trains.

So now, I sit, and heed the trains,
And lose my Juliet in the chaos.”

a painting, a pirate hat and a promiscuous night in Beijing

8 December, 2007

Written for Read Write Poem ( Prompt 3: ‘Play with your Pieces’. The pieces I chose were off my shelf: a painting (thanks Anna), a pirate hat (don’t ask)… and the ‘promiscuous night in Beijing’ was just a funny alliteration. 🙂 Here goes:

It was my first time,
And musing on the time I’d known
that straight, chocolate brown hair,
those tender, rose lips in the bed beside me
I couldn’t help but think that painting…
That painting I’d seen in my Pirate Hat days,
where I’d run from room to room, presumably
looting, searching for treasure. Most oft’, I’d find it
in the galley, but once, I found it
in a painting in the captain’s quarters of an allied ship. Shakespeare
would later call it “The Beast With Two Backs,”
but at the time, I just knew it as
‘A magic I didn’t understand’.

 In retrospect, it was something in their eyes,
and the way the skin around them moved, and creased,
and the way they all just fit together.
And musing upon the time I’d known
that straight, chocolate brown hair,
those tender, rose lips,
I knew I’d missed the girl.