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12 August, 2010

“For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” — Romans 1:20

This one’s for Aaron. It’s been a helluva long time since I’ve written anything, so please go easy 🙂 I’ll probably refine it at some stage (…right…)

I stopped caring about work
And profits
And junk
And spent two hours at coffee with friends
And another hour, having coffee with friends
And helped some friends teach circuit theory to each other.

I knew of something
You needed to be told
(us engineers, we’re too deaf to hear it on our own)
And something I hoped you’d understand:

I went for a rollerblade today
(that’s not the bit you need to understand)
Along the bike path that kinda trims the beach
But is blocked by heavy bush
And fruit bats.
I watched the ground hard
For every stone and pine-cone
Was another tripping hazard,
And once or twice I searched for
That distant goal.
And as horizons quickened,
And as the air did thicken,
I quick glimpsed up
Just once, just once

The sky had turned a glorious red
And punched bright holes in cloudscapes.
I paused and marvelled
Rolling rolling rolling stop.
And I couldn’t help but wonder if
You looked up from your goals,
Your work, the bumps in the road,
And you’d see something else,
Someone greater,
And his goals,
His work, his bumps in the road,
And one day revel in his glory.


restless and fluorescent skies.

23 September, 2009

the east coast arose today
and found itself suffocating under a thick, red, powdery blanket
that smattered itself onto cars, the footpaths,
my clean white shoes.

Whilst it was clearly not the apocalypse
(as suggested by a few dear friends)
it was almost as good a reminder
of the ubiquitous God,
who draws attention to himself
at the most inconvenient moments.


16 September, 2009

We say,
“the wise are those who hold their tongues”.
Now the snowflakes fall,
and those with young mouths, shameless and gaping
find wisdom runs deeper than courtesy.

kubuntu 8.10 is overrated.

2 November, 2008

My parents asked me how I was when I got up this morning (I live at home for another two weeks). I told them “I’m great at the moment, but will probably gradually recede into a really bad mood.”

Anyway, it happened within about an hour. Which was kinda funny. It fluctuated a bit like that all day, and on the way home from church this evening, I realised that I had absolutely nothing to be upset about.

Makes you feel like an idiot. Anyway, this came out of it. Another unpolished piece, but I was really sick of having a blog with nothing to put on it. And, y’know 🙂

On those days when
the still morning air was
too much to bear,
I’d roll the window down
and drive just a bit faster,
and draw a feeble, vulgar
substitute of my own.

Today (31st Oct 2008) [Part B]

2 November, 2008

 When we returned, your mum made oolong tea,
and we joked, and spoke of God and science,
Love and death, around that table, where
“so much of your life has taken place”.
That table,
which makes its way into all of your memories,
and few of your stories.

In that moment, I felt comfortable, loved,
welcome, and that I knew you just a small piece better.

Today (31st Oct 2008) [Part A]

2 November, 2008

I was at Blackstump earlier this year (it’s a 4-day Christian Arts and Music festival). There was a poet there by the name of Cameron Semmens, he specialises in performance poetry, and, whilst he can sound kinda corny on a CD (sorry Cam!) he’s amazing live. Anyway, his approach to poetry reminded me of Shakespeare’s approach to plays (as described by Ms. Elliot in 2007, thanks Miss!) – Shakespeare used every available technique to make his work relevant to the common person. And so, whilst I cringe at this piece on paper (it sounds heaps cooler when you have it read to you with enthusiam; it’s performance poetry) it’s a helluva lot of fun (and somewhat unfinished). Here it is: ‘Today’.


I’m finding
  –  sand in nooks I knew not I had,
  –  fresh pimples, pores blocked by a wanton lust for sunscreen.
I feel like my skin is shining!


And somewhere, not so far away, you’re finding
  –  that your belly button goes much deeper when you’re extracting sand from it.
And at the thought, my soul is shining too.


20 July, 2008

Give it up for writer’s block! It’s held me in its icy claws for the past…. gosh, i don’t think I’ve actually written anything really good since “In A Station Of The Metro” (see below). Almost as if my brain decided that I’d written one thing really good and that it didn’t really need to function anymore (I’m still quite proud of it in some ways). What’s been happening in the mean time? I tried to start ‘Rag Poets’ again (there’s only a few who know the story there… It’s the other half of where Read Write Prompt 3 led me. Somewhat deeper than the last. About sex and art and beauty and the way they’ve been horrendously taken out of order these days). Anyway, I decided that I really really really wanted to use the gifts God has given me to honour him; and hence, partially inspired by telmcg‘s prompting to keep writing (he left a comment on my blog asking where I’d been, thanks telly!) I started work on ‘Rag Poets’ again. I kinda just never knew how to start it, I guess. Anyway (again), late one Friday Night I wrote this poem for/about God and for/about a friend. For my friend, it’s probably closer to ‘about’, seeing as she doesn’t know about it as I write this. ‘For’ in the sense that I’m sure she will eventually, and probably needs to hear that she’s amazing. I’ve been humbled a bit by the fact that my poetry has lost it’s characteristic rhyme and structure (way to knock me off my high horse) but here it is, in all its modesty: default.

you twain, who spend your days
teasing me out:

Brown Eyes, your subtlety has left to reside
in your window-sparks and your smile.

I guess Elune was praised as a beacon of the Sun
and best in her fullest graces;
and loved o’er all that kingdom
for boldy verging borders.

(And God, you leave me staggered;
please leave me amazed too.)

Peace, love to all.

In That Instant Of Startling Rapport

9 March, 2008

Annabelle spoke, and this held in my thoughts:
Her graces and passions stood out from her flaws.
In all of her plans, I found an enthrall,
And I knew you were there.


8 January, 2008

“Oh, to see the world as it were long-exposed,
and watch lights and souls trail paths across the nightsky…”

Nightlights I Nightlights II Nightlights III Nightlights IV Nightlights V Nighlights VI Nightlights VII Nightlights VIII

North Shore, Twin Waters, Queenland, Australia


6 January, 2008

I came here with
Hopes of knowing Eve
And as we lay
And watched the clouds
And breathed the stars
I found my lover one
Obsessed with shape and possibility.