naiad-whispers II

For this post, Fabian will refer to himself in the third person. Why? It makes the story sound so much cooler.

7:00: Our hero is grumpy. Decides to get off his arse and go for a walk.

7:04 (approx): leaves house.

7:08: four minutes down the road, our hero looks at the time on his Nokia 1100 and realises he must have left home at about 7:04.

7:18: sees Dean Gallagher in his car with his brother Martin. Grins, waves, and jokes around for a bit.

7:38: reaches woonona beach. Remembers the words of Malfurion Stormrage: “There’s a storm coming”. Looks out over the water. Wow, what a storm. Realises that God is awesome and so very very powerful, and artistic, as he sits with his bare feet in the sand and his prehistoric jeans and shoes. Muses on this fact until…

7:50: decides it’s time to go – wanna be home before dark.

7:54: looks at phone. Thinks, “No way, it can’t’ve taken four minutes to get from the beach to here!”

7:58: starts raining. Our hero thinks, “Yay! I love the rain.”

7:59: you know how there’s rain, and then there’s RAIN!!!!!? yep. starts RAIN!!!!!ing.

8:00: it’s dark.

8:02: our hero, by this stage, is so wet that if he jumped in a swimming pool, water would osmote OUT of him. This is assisted by the fact that there is such a huge salt content in modern pools.

8:04: our hero is having trouble walking, for the fact that his clothes have gained 6 kilograms.

8:05: Fabs runs out of clever ways to describe how soaking wet he is. He (actually did this) turns off his Nokia 1100 to make sure it doesn’t short-circuit or anything.

8:12: Our hero reaches the first undercover area since he left the beach. Lots of people look at him like he’s an idiot (at least ONE of them was thinking that), but he doesn’t care. Heck, when you’re this wet, it’s not going to phase you too much when people try to rain on your parade (get it?!… sorry).

8:16: Fabian realises the great blogging potential of the last hour and… twelve minutes.

8:23: Our hero arrives home, soaking wet, and in the best mood that ever existed. E-V-A-H (thanks Kirra).

And that’s my story. Right now, i’m sitting in front of my laptop, in my warm house, wearing my comfy pyjama pants, and about to go make some cappucino. Sigh. My friends, this is what life is all about. 😀


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3 Responses to “naiad-whispers II”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    I found you over at read write poem, I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog!

  2. jo Says:

    lol. you are fantastic. i wish i didnt mind getting wet.
    i love all your poetry; it really is lovely.
    you inspire me.

  3. Rosie Says:

    Haha this is great fabs. Definately works better in 3rd person. 8.02 is def my favourite.

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